General services

  1. Supplying all European Electrical Renewable Products.
  2. Periodic Maintenance for our Customers.
  3.  Long term warranty for our customer
  4. Business Solutions including  .

                                             -Energy Efficiency Consulting.

                                            -Financial solutions and Analysis

                                             -Technical solutions and Analysis.


  1. Complete Electrical Designs for all Renewable Energy Solutions.
  2. Installing and operating Electrical Renewable stations.
  3. Monitoring Systems to Analyze and Control our Stations.
  4. Electrical distribution and contracting.


  1.  Design and install Plumbing System.
  2.  Install Plumbing System infrastructure.
  3. Design and install air station.
  4.  Mechanical Contracting.

Construction & Civil

  1. Design and install concrete and steel buildings
  2. Design and install infrastructure works
  3. Design and Execute architectural and Structural drawings