Why solar ...

Solar energy is a modular technology,meaning you can install as many or as few panels as you like whenever you like.

Each new kilowatt of installed solar capacity brings you bigger electricity bill savings.

With a large enough installation, it’s possible to reduce your energy bill completely.

As utility rates increase, versus clean energy from the sun remains consistently free.

Solar is an investment source where you can sell the production electricity for the utility or use it directly through batteries instead of diesel generators, so Thanks to solar energy.

The following table shows the comparison between solar system and local utility.

Why energy tech....

1-Energy Tech is the exclusive agent and distributor forE.X.E products in Egypt

An Italian entity which is certified form ISO-IEC in terms of (design qualification - type approval - mechanical load test )

2-Energy Tech provide periodic maintenance to it's customers
Our clients have variety at financial solution :
                                                                                   -Cash Payment
                                                                                   -Loan form bank                                                                       

Marketing Engagement in our global and national events and fairs

Sales Promotion 

.free maintenance

E.T.D Club, is a network of our VIP customers, This club is to furnish our relationships with many advantages based on Win-win relationship

3-We Have The Honor To Get Our Experience From Our International Partners And Their Existent Processed A Huge Plant Over The World

  • photo-voltaic EPC - Track Record Italy .
  • photo-voltaic EPC - Track Record Greece .
  • photo-voltaic EPC - Track Record Romania .
  • photo-voltaic EPC - RSA Tom Burke (66 MWP) Grid connected .

4-Strength Of Our Technical Advisory

We Have The Honor To Have:

  • V.A.A.R As our international technical advisor
  • The leadership of the Italian prof.Engineer Vincenzo Gretusi
  • Local specialist experts

Energy Tech Customers Questions:

Q1: what is the action of Egyptian Government toward the renewable energy projects?

In September 2014, Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker introduced a Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) scheme for renewable energy. FiT involves money paid by the government to homeowners, companies, and industries to generate their own electricity from small-scale to large-scale renewable energy installations. Entities that create electricity or feed their extra electricity to the national grid can receive FiT, As a result the country encourage business owner to invest in the renewable energy projects through FIT and net metering, the Electricity and local electricity company is obligated to sign with the client a contract to buy the energy (solar energy) from the producer through the life time of the project (25 years).

Q2: what will happen if the solar system face technical or manufacture defects?

The Equipment of solar system is certified from ISO, EC, and IEC.

The Egyptian New and Renewable Energy Authority tests the equipment of the solar system.

Energy tech provide its customer with high level of quality as a result energy tech makes engagements and contracts with professional and international suppliers specialized in the renewable energy industry.

Energy tech has international technical adviser V.A.A.R which revise, audit and approve the solar system projects.

Energy tech offers its customer guarantees against Manufacturing and technical defects from 12-20 years.

Energy Tech offers warrantee on its solar systems to work for 25 years with 100% efficiency.

Moreover energy tech offers its customer a free periodic maintenance from1-3 years then a life time maintenance contract.

The quality and control department always offer the best solutions to customers to increase the productivity and efficiency of solar system.

Q3: what will happened if the price of electricity decline in the future?

the government plan is to decrease the subsidy within next five years which leads to increasing in the electricity price and oil more than 100%, also the increase in the last 6 years in the electricity price and oil exceed 100%.

Q4: what will happen if the solar system spare parts (inverter-cables-panel) or maintenance are unavailable?

Energy Tech offers its customer a free periodic maintenance from1-3 years then a life time maintenance contract.

The verity of suppliers and the renewable market make it easy to choose many suppliers with high quality level.

All The equipment of the solar system are easy to be replaced from any supplier.