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Energy tech for development

Energy tech

Energy tech for development and production S.A.E is working under the Egyptian investment law #8 for year 1997, located in Alexandria and serving clients inside the Egyptian market, E.T.D provides the market with all renewable energy products, services and solutions with energy efficiency consultation.

We believe that we are one world sharing the same “Green Goal” as a result we welcome to collaborate with different companies from whole the world to exchange different business skills and experiences If you are one of those organizations which aim for sustainability we invite you to join us.

Our projects are expanding to cover the national and international market, there for we have international partners all over the world to install one of the biggest solar project in the world sphinx 1200 MW.

E.T.D is offering a total solutions for its customers including renewable energy solutions, electrical and mechanical consulting and financial study

WE  AIM to offer for the Egyptian market a new smart solutions to be able to face the challenges of energy with a European and Asian products to satisfy the Egyptian customers need with best quality and valuable offers which lead to high reputation and ultimate success.

E.T.D is working according to professional international business and management models, that’s we are working under Canvas business model, which oriented by OAMASO, MEET POSTER, BIZTREE management model APA writing format and Oracle software

E.T.D has honor to corporate with international expert offices such as DeVry university USA, Alexandria university Egypt and Arab Academy of Maritime and science and technology.